Process How the initial contact will work and what you can expect

Initial contact

The first step into a sustainable working relationship is always an initial contact talk. With me, this is provided entirely without charge, and usually takes 30 minutes. Typically, this takes place via phone call. During this dialogue, I try to shortly understand and summarise your current situation. This usually includes the following aspects:

Outlining the problem

For which reason have you contacted me? What is your motivation?

Social Situation

How and with whom are you living at the moment? What is your social life like? What is your occupation?

Clarification of the general framework

What are the mutual expectations? Am I the appropriate person to work with you? If yes, how should the first session be designed?

Those points and further information are important to get a realistic first impression of each other and to consider how a possible working relationship would operate. In the event that a working relationship between us seems beneficial, then the first contact leads into a first session.

The first session

The first session serves to build on the information already exchanged, and to work out a mutual working agreement, which contains the goals of the counselling as well as the specifications of the inner and outer conditions. This includes:

After these and any further necessary issues are clarified, the next stage of the process can begin.