Coaching and Psychotherapy
for international expats

Positive support for living abroad from a qualified psychologist Psychotherapy, personal coaching and coaching of couples in Berlin. In German and English.

Benefits and challenges of living abroad

International relocation can be an incredible life-enhancing event. Life as an expat can offer better career prospects, the opportunity to develop a network of international friends and contacts, learn a new language, and immerse yourself in a new culture.

Yet long-distance relocation can also involve significant challenge, with culture shock, homesickness, relationship strains, feelings of disconnection, loneliness, and confusion being some of the potential pitfalls. If these issues are neglected, they can become a significant burden and may prevent you from fully enjoying life, meeting your personal goals and developing your full potential.

Support from someone that understands your situation

As a keen traveller with a network of international friends, I have first-hand experience of expat life, and understand the challenges that can prevent people from really taking advantage of their new situation. It is my aim to use my training as a psychologist to aid people in settling in and fully enjoying all that an expat life can offer.