About me What I would like to tell you about myself

Portrait Jan Kaspers

With all my heart I am humanist. What that means: My passion is to work with humans – with all their potential, needs and life realities. Moreover, a humorous and appreciative communication on an equal level is a special concern of mine. Originally I come from the field of new media, where I worked as a graphic designer and programmer. Despite the interesting working environment, I wasn’t entirely satisfied and it became clear to me that I needed a change. I decided to follow a new path and studied psychology at the University of Bonn, with a focus on neuroscience and clinical psychology.

After I finished my studies I searched for a suitable therapeutic framework. On a one-year trip overseas I found, due to a chance encounter with an English psychologist, the inspiration to begin a training in Transactional Analysis (TA), a method I selected to use in my work. What I particularly like about TA is that it holds a world view devoted to people, with a focus on authenticity. As I am interested in travelling and language, and love to interact with international people, I speak fluent English. My motivation is to help people who face the challenge of integrating into a new culture psychologically.

Additionally, I have a deep and long-standing interest in the influence of eastern traditions, such as mindfulness and meditation, in Western life; from this I draw strength and gather inspiration for my work.

Intercultural experiences